Anybody can build a website. But can you trust your website designer to deliver meaningful results  - money in your pocket - with design techniques scientifically proven to convert your website visitors to customers?

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Designs that Engage Customers

Your website visitors form an impression of your business in a fraction of a second. Our designs engage your audience and guide them towards your call to action, turning them into paying customers.

E-COMMERCE That Converts More Sales

From sleek store layouts to a seamless checkout process that rivals the best e-commerce platforms, we deliver a premium user experience for your customers.

Performance You Can Measure Anytime

See all of the stats that matter including: how customers found you, pages they visit, where they are located, and so much more in easy to understand dashboards. 


Stand out from your competition with a premium website that turns heads, engages your customers, and most importantly: brings more revenue to your business.
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And that's just scratching the surface.
Here are some more incredible benefits when you choose Company 50 for your website design.

Business Expertise

Our deep understanding of small business will help steer your ideas in the right direction.
Not just website designers, small business epxerts.

Known Best Practices

Knowing the science behind what turns a website visitor into a customer.

Built to Last

Coded for the future to ensure your website keeps working for you.

Work More Efficiently

Save time, automate tasks, and drive more revenue using AI and machine learning.

Perfect on Every Device

Now matter how it's viewed, your website will deliver a great user experience every time.

Instant Loading Time

Optimized designs so nobody will every be stuck waiting for your website to load.

Feel Like a King

Experience Company 50's customer-focused service for yourself and see why we're #1 in RI.

Our Recent RI Website Designs

A small sampling of recent projects we've completed for Rhode Island clients.

What clients are saying

Hear from recent clients who had their website designed by Company 50...

“I'm in the home remodeling business and the SEO [they] did for my website was amazing. I am now getting numerous major project leads every month and it has easily paid for the website many times over. I highly recommend any small business owner in need to talk to Greg!!”

Art BoucherResidential Remodeling

“Greg came to us highly recommended. We were in a bind and had to have a website rebuilt from the ground up in a short amount of time. [Greg] truly exceeded all expectations. He knows his stuff! Trust him and his vision. He will not disappoint!”

Jennifer TroiaDynamic Global Events

“Company 50 exceeded our expectations! Greg is extremely knowledgeable, responsive and delivered on every single metric he promised. He made the process incredibly easy for us and created a product that was way beyond what we had imagined.”

Joe BritoEvolution Entertainment

“Company 50 built my website and handles my marketing. The year before we started working together I did $270k in sales. The year after we did over $1.8 million. That's about all you need to know about what Company 50 did for my business.”

Steve MeltonAdvanced Bed Bugs

“Greg and his team communicate well, have great vision, and are meticulous about details. He and his team know what customers are looking for, and their advice and analytics have proven to be most successful.”


“Greg did an amazing job of walking a computer illiterate gal like myself through all the steps of the website building process. His prices are fair, his response time is immediate, and his sense of humor came in handy when dealing with me!”

Martha AndrewMarMar Jewels

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the look of my website that important?

Potential customers will judge your business based on its logo and website in seconds. Whether fair or not, the quality of your products and/or services will be judged based on a customer's impression of logo and website - so it had better look great!

Why should I pay more for a premium website?

When it comes to website design, you generally get what you pay for. Inexperienced web designers who offer low prices fail to deliver proper SEO, layout best practices, and proven call to action techniques, resulting in poor results. 

How much will my website design cost?

Websites are like houses - you can spend less and get a starter house or invest in a forever home and get more mileage out of it. We are happy to discuss your budget and how far it can get you when it comes to a premium website design.

Why should I choose Company 50 over someone else?

At Company 50, we are not just website designers. We understand the fundamentals of marketing and business, and apply this knowledge and expertise to every website we build. This translates to more traffic, higher quality visitors, and more conversions into customers.  Ultimately, the purpose of your website is to help drive more revenue to your business, and that is the goal we put front and center in every design.

Can you help me with marketing too?

While your website is a powerful marketing tool in itself, we have several marketing programs in place that guarantee substantial results for small businesses like yours. Our Google Ads and social media marketing programs are unmatched and deliver a solid return on your spend.