There are hundreds of "website builders" in Rhode Island.

What Makes Us Different?


A great website builder makes the success of your business their top priority

We get to know your business

Learning about what you do and what makes your RI company unique is the key to building a website that shows off your advantages.

We make your business work better

Once we learn how your business works, we incorporate technology to improve the speed and efficiency of online customer interactions.

We increase your revenue

Our designs are scientifically proven to convert visitors to customers and substantially increase your revenue over your previous website.


A great RI website builder has a proven track record of professional websites that deliver impressive results.

On average, our clients receive 3x as many customer inquiries than they did with their old website.

Our Recent RI Website Designs

A small sampling of recent projects we've completed for Rhode Island clients.

Evolution Entertainment

Rhode Island's fastest growing wedding and special event DJ service.

Dynamic Global Events

Leading event organizer of executive-level conferences specializing in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and women's leadership.

All Travel Guru

Ultra-luxurious European travel featuring exclusive VIP experiences and the world's top tour guides.

D.K. Young Designs

Premium-quality designer of custom handmade jewelry using sterling silver, semi-precious stones and glass beads.

Advanced Bed Bug & Pest Services

Market-leading exterminator specializing in bed bug heat treatment and termite control.

Memorial Card Express

The leading online source for funeral/wake memorial cards and sympathy acknowledgments.


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What Do Our clients say about us?

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I did my research and chose Company 50 to design my site for me. I am so glad I did. Greg took the time to get to know my business, what exactly I was wanting, who and where I wanted to reach and built me the perfect website.

[/cs_eacs_testimonial_item][cs_eacs_testimonial_item show_avatar=”true” image=”” image_width=”105px” rounded_image=”false” image_border_color=”#000″ image_border_width=”0″ image_margin=”10px 0 0″ testimonial_user_name=”Ryan Villa” testimonial_user_company=”All Travel Guru” testimonial_user_text_color=”#000″ testimonial_user_company_text_color=”rgb(209,181,106)” testimonial_quotation_mark_color=”#ddd” heading=”All Travel Guru” title=”ATG” _label=”ATG”]

Greg at Company 50 will win you over in the first 5 minutes. He is always an email or phone call away no matter what you need. His marketing knowledge is yet another reason to choose Company 50. Stop reading the reviews and give him a call….NOW!

[/cs_eacs_testimonial_item][cs_eacs_testimonial_item show_avatar=”true” image=”” image_width=”88px” rounded_image=”false” image_border_color=”#000″ image_border_width=”0″ image_margin=”10px 0 0″ testimonial_user_name=”Martha Andrew” testimonial_user_company=”Marmar Boutique” testimonial_user_text_color=”#000″ testimonial_user_company_text_color=”rgb(48,156,161)” testimonial_quotation_mark_color=”#ddd” heading=”AMH” title=”Marmar” _label=”Marmar”]

Greg did an amazing job of walking a computer illiterate gal like myself through all the steps of the website building process. His prices are fair, his response time is immediate, and his sense of humor came in handy when dealing with me!

[/cs_eacs_testimonial_item][cs_eacs_testimonial_item show_avatar=”true” image=”” image_width=”248px” rounded_image=”false” image_border_color=”#000″ image_border_width=”0″ image_margin=”10px 0 0″ testimonial_user_name=”Derek Kurze” testimonial_user_company=”Frank Morrow ” testimonial_user_text_color=”#000″ testimonial_user_company_text_color=”rgb(153,191,255)” testimonial_quotation_mark_color=”#ddd” heading=”Frank Morrow” title=”FMC” _label=”FMC”]

Greg and the team at Company 50 built our e-Commerce website on time and UNDER budget! My site has nearly 10,000 SKUs flawlessly integrated into a smooth shopping experience for our customers. Our investment has more than paid for itself.

[/cs_eacs_testimonial_item][cs_eacs_testimonial_item show_avatar=”true” image=”” image_width=”138px” rounded_image=”false” image_border_color=”#000″ image_border_width=”0″ image_margin=”10px 0 0″ testimonial_user_name=”Jennifer Troia” testimonial_user_company=”Dynamic Global Events” testimonial_user_text_color=”#000″ testimonial_user_company_text_color=”rgb(214,174,103)” testimonial_quotation_mark_color=”#ddd” heading=”Frank Morrow” title=”DGE” _label=”DGE”]

Greg came to us highly recommended. We had to have a website rebuilt from the ground up. Greg managed to build a site in a short amount of time that truly exceeded all expectations. He knows his stuff! Trust him and his vision. He will not disappoint!

[/cs_eacs_testimonial_item][cs_eacs_testimonial_item show_avatar=”true” image=”” image_width=”220px” rounded_image=”false” image_border_color=”#000″ image_border_width=”0″ image_margin=”10px 0 0″ testimonial_user_name=”Trudy Balsamel” testimonial_user_company=”Cash4Card” testimonial_user_text_color=”#000″ testimonial_user_company_text_color=”rgb(0,109,188)” testimonial_quotation_mark_color=”#ddd” heading=”AMH” title=”Cash4Card” _label=”Cash4Card”]

I have only great things to say about Company 50. Greg was so very patient and extremely knowledgeable. The whole process was streamlined and efficient. I got everything I wanted and more. Simple and clean just as I wanted.

[/cs_eacs_testimonial_item][cs_eacs_testimonial_item show_avatar=”true” image=”” image_width=”110px” rounded_image=”false” image_border_color=”#000″ image_border_width=”0″ image_margin=”10px 0 0″ testimonial_user_name=”Stefanie Piel” testimonial_user_company=”All Material Handling” testimonial_user_text_color=”#000″ testimonial_user_company_text_color=”rgb(0,109,188)” testimonial_quotation_mark_color=”#ddd” heading=”AMH” title=”AMH” _label=”AMH”]

Great choice for anyone who is looking for great service, great results, and a personal touch very seldom found in the computer world. We like the fact that it was a personal interaction. From start to finish they were excellent and always available.

[/cs_eacs_testimonial_item][cs_eacs_testimonial_item show_avatar=”true” image=”” image_width=”254px” rounded_image=”false” image_border_color=”#000″ image_border_width=”0″ image_margin=”10px 0 0″ testimonial_user_name=”Kathy Ervin” testimonial_user_company=”Suburban Tours” testimonial_user_text_color=”#000″ testimonial_user_company_text_color=”rgb(112,3,59)” testimonial_quotation_mark_color=”#ddd” heading=”Suburban Tours” title=”Suburban” _label=”Suburban”]

We hired Company 50 to update our website. Throughout the process, we found Greg to be efficient, decisive, and proactive. The project came in on budget and on time, and we’re very pleased with the results.


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Need more reasons to choose Company 50?

We obsess about quality

We’re the website builder that won't settle for "good enough". With us, every meticulous detail counts.

Our designs load faster

Company 50-built websites are unsurpassed in page loading speed with clean, fast code, optimized images, and no bloat.

Always the latest technology

Websites built and designed to run on the latest releases of WordPress, PHP, and MariaDB for blazing performance.

SEO done the right way

Websites built and designed to run on the latest releases of WordPress, PHP, and MariaDB for blazing performance.

We are going to help you win

We are not just a website builder. We understand business and how to convert customers. And we're going to help you do it.

One-on-one personal attention

Our company owner is your main contact and our lead website builder. Reach out directly whenever you may need him.

6 months of hosting included free

And not your run-of-the-mill hosting either. More like super-duper blazing fast mind-blowing knock your socks off hosting.

Marketing services that work

From logo design to social media, Google ads, and email marketing, our track record of results is second to none.

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