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Popular Questions

Simple designs use existing design elements that we can customize with your imagery and content. Custom elements and those that deviate from the elements found on the example page are only available with a Custom or E-Commerce website. “Simple” websites are intended for businesses with a small budget that want a professional look but have only a basic amount of content. This type of design does not support e-commerce, blogs, and other more advanced features.
Websites, as you can imagine, vary in build time based on their complexity, but on average are completed in 2-3 weeks.
A 50% deposit is due upfront and the remaining balance once your project is completed.

Payment can be made by business or personal check, or by any major credit card (surcharge applicable).

Our website portfolio consists entirely of Custom and e-commerce designs, as these are by far the most common design and do the best job of showcasing our work.

Our Simple sample shows all of the possible elements available with an Simple website.