1/15/16 – Average Company 50-Designed Website Scores 98/100

Due to a continuing effort to optimize code and provide clients with the highest performing website possible, Company 50 has reached a milestone with the average client website now scoring an unprecedented 98 out of 100 on Pingdom.com’s Website Speed Test.

The well-known Pingdom test measures both code quality and actual loading speed.

Company 50 Website Speed Test

Company 50 Fast Loading Website

Company 50 Website Speed Test Results

Company 50 Fast Loading Websites

9/2/15 – Taking Action Against Google Analytics Spam

Google Analytics spam continues to become a bigger problem with each passing month. Today we launched a 3-prong approach that effectively eliminates 99% of bot/spam/fake visits in Google Analytics. We hope this commitment to the entire website experience continues to set us apart from other website designers, and we are thrilled to be able to provide our clients with nearly 100% accurate analytics data moving forward.

11/5/14 – Company 50 Moves to Site-Wide HTTPS

To further protect customers from unauthorized spying and to ensure security in all communications via our online web forms, all pages of our website now utilize full-time 2048-bit SSL encryption by default. This change helps build on our commitment to provide the highest level of security for our clients.

6/10/14 – Company 50 Designing Exclusively on 4K Displays

In order to ensure future-proof designs featuring ultra-sharp imagery designed for 4k displays and 1080p+ mobile devices, Company 50 is now designing all websites natively on 4K (3840×2160) monitors. This reduces site testing time and makes implementing images that meet 4k and “retina” displays easier. As of this writing, Company 50 is the only web design firm in Rhode Island designing on 4K exclusively. Clients should expect faster design times, 4k-compatible imagery across their website, and designs that will look modern well into the future.

5/27/14 – All Company 50-Designed Websites Support 4K Displays

As Ultra High-Definition 4K (2160p) displays become rapidly adopted over the next year, we want our clients to know that your website imagery already supports this emerging resolution and will look stunning on any such displays. While some web design firms code to only utilize super high-resolution images only when the viewer is using an HD phone or tablet, Company 50 planned for UHD desktop resolutions well in advance and we are proud to inform all of our clients that no matter when we designed your website, you are ready for 4K.