Site wide SSL HTTPS Encryption

Why You Need to Switch Your Website to Site-Wide HTTPS (SSL)

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Ever since the Edward Snowden disclosures, many security-minded websites and those that could be a target for NSA snooping have moved to adopt site-wide HTTPS. That means every page on their website is encrypted with SSL. You’re probably used to seeing SSL-encrypted pages when you buy online. This protects your billing details including your credit card number from prying eyes. You can tell when this is in effect by the familiar padlock icon in your browser bar and the URL showing HTTPS instead of http. However, when you browse any other portions of a typical website, HTTPS is not activated….

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Corporate Privacy Protections

Which Companies Have Your Back?

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Earlier this month, the Electronic Frontier Foundation released its annual Data Privacy report which highlights how major communications companies guard your privacy (or violate it). While the list has some surprises, a lot of it is about what you’d expect: companies that understand how important their customers are fared best, while those who treat customers like a number fared worst. Companies that work the hardest to fight for your privacy against government intrusion include: Dropbox, Foursquare, Google, LinkedIn,, SpiderOak, Twitter, and WordPress. Those that do next to nothing to protect and fight for your privacy are: Apple, AT&T, Verizon,…

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