Great Website Improves Customer Service

How a Great Website Can Improve Customer Service

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Websites serve many functions. Essentially, the role of a website is to provide information. How much and the kinds of information your website can provide is entirely up to you. Nearly anything is possible, and the functionality of your site can have a dramatic impact on customer service. Ever tracked a package with UPS? The process you followed was simple: Copy the tracking number into a space on, click “Track”, and you’re done. But what if UPS did not offer online tracking? You’d have to pick up the phone, call their 800-number, choose 1 for English, choose 1 again…

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Conduct an Online Survey

How to Conduct an Online Survey the Right Way

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In the past week, I received two invitations to participate in online surveys. One was from Capital One, regarding credit card account benefits. The other was from Trip Advisor regarding opinions of travel. Both surveys had catastrophic flaws, but both companies made it impossible to notify them of such. Why? Both sent the online survey from either a no-reply email address. What is the reason companies send email blasts from non-working email accounts? The first idea that comes to mind is to avoid receiving bounced email responses. But nearly all modern email blast services and software detect bounces and automatically…

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Great Customer Service Andaz

How Hyatt’s Andaz Hotel Did it Right

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Last Friday night when I learned of the Metro-North train derailment and subsequent suspension of Amtrak service, I got nervous. The following morning I was scheduled to travel to New York City on Amtrak for a one-night getaway. That was not happening anymore. The option to drive the 3.5 hours was there, but with the threat of an extra 30,000 cars on the road it did not seem like my idea of a great way to start a day-vaca. My wife and I made the decision to cancel the trip. We knew Amtrak would give us our frequent traveler points…

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Corporate Privacy Protections

Which Companies Have Your Back?

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Earlier this month, the Electronic Frontier Foundation released its annual Data Privacy report which highlights how major communications companies guard your privacy (or violate it). While the list has some surprises, a lot of it is about what you’d expect: companies that understand how important their customers are fared best, while those who treat customers like a number fared worst. Companies that work the hardest to fight for your privacy against government intrusion include: Dropbox, Foursquare, Google, LinkedIn,, SpiderOak, Twitter, and WordPress. Those that do next to nothing to protect and fight for your privacy are: Apple, AT&T, Verizon,…

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