A Support Plan for Everyone

With Company 50's support plans, your website stays secure and updated, plus enjoy priority assistance, cost savings, and a range of exclusive benefits.



Keeps your website updated with support time for the little things when you need it.

1 hour of support time per month

Updates to all website software

Guaranteed response within 12 hours

Access to 24/7 how-to chatbot

Unused support time banked

Monthly performance optimization

$159/hr rate after support time used



All the updates plus more support time and more cool perks.

Everything from Essential but better:

2 hours of support time per month

Guaranteed response within 6 hours

On-site analytics + monthly report

Automatic image optimization

Unrestricted access to 24/7 how-to chatbot

$149/hr rate after support time used


First Class

The most support time, fastest response, and every perk we offer.

Everything from Premium but better:

3 hours of support time per month

Guaranteed response within 3 hours

Cloudflare premium hosting upgrade

Complete Google My Business Management

On-site analytics + monthly report

Unrestricted access to 24/7 how-to chatbot

$99/hr rate after support time used


What's in a Support Plan?

Affordable, value-packed maintenance plans for WordPress websites.

Plan Benefit Details

Support Time

Provided each month and used for website changes, content additions, adding new products, and more. Unused time carries over as long as you have an active plan!

Guaranteed Response Time

Support Plan clients can get fast responses to any concern in as little as 3 hours. Plus get instant answers to common questions via AutoAssist LIVE chat.

Website Software Updates

All installed WordPress software (including paid plugins) updated as new versions are released.

On-Site Analytics & Report

Get the latest analytics anytime directly in your website admin! No need to login to Google Analytics and navigate confusing menus. Plus, each month we will email you an easy to understand report about your site visitors, conversions, and more.

Automatic Image Optimization

Experience faster page loading times with state-of-the-art image reduction technology which dramatically shrinks most image file sizes without any visible decrease in quality using WebP.

Monthly Database Optimization

Over time, your database can fill up with old, unused entries that unnecessarily take up memory. These entries are cleaned out on a monthly basis ensuring optimal website performance.

Cloudflare Hosting Upgrade

Clients on our First Class plan enjoy a premium hosting upgrade to Cloudflare, which caches your website around the globe, ensuring the fastest connection no matter where the user is. Plus, state-of-the-art DDOS protection is included too.

Save on Hourly Rates

When support time is used up, clients enjoy discounted rates on hourly service with First Class plan users receiving a substantial savings off the normal hourly rate.