How Lowe’s Uses Vine & Twitter to Build Great PR

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Lowe's Vine and Twitter

Lowe’s great use of Twitter is paying dividends for the company on social media. Few large companies are using Twitter effectively, but Lowe’s is certainly one of them. When you visit their Twitter page @Lowes, the first thing that hits your eyes is “Got a complaint, compliment or question? Let us know!”. It is astonishing to me that every company with thousands of customers is not soliciting feedback this way on Twitter.

Directly asking for feedback is one way to get comments and suggestions on “fringe” things – stuff your customers do not like but not enough to go out of their way to tell you. For example, you may know that you can actually enter any Lowe’s store through the entrance or the exit. This is smart, as it makes no sense to block customers from entering your building, regardless of which doorway they choose. On the other hand, let’s say Home Depot did not allow you to enter through the exit (they do as well). You probably would not write a letter to them about it. It’s just not that big of a deal. But if Home Depot asked for comments on Twitter like Lowe’s does, that might be something you could take 10 seconds to share with them. These little things, when added, up become a big deal. A customer may not notice a few little things you do wrong, but when it becomes 10 little things you do wrong, they will begin to unconsciously avoid your establishment. Asking for feedback helps find points of friction and eliminate them, leading to a happier customer experience.

Lowe’s doesn’t stop at Twitter, though. Their use of Vine has garnered them quite a bit of publicity, and is one of the best uses of the service since it was introduced several months ago. Using the hashtag #lowesfixinsix Lowe’s has posted 6-second stop-motion videos showing ordinary people how to beat common problems one might encounter around the house and in home improvement projects. Here is a recent example that shows how to use tape to measure up hole spacing when hanging a shelf:

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By utilizing Vine in this manner, Lowe’s not only looks cool by adopting a new social technology in the right way, but their videos are genuinely helpful, so they build goodwill with customers too. As a small business, nothing is stopping you from doing the same with Vine. If you own a hair salon, you might post videos with quick styling tips. If you own a restaurant, you might post quick videos for simple recipes. You can also do this with traditional social media – Vine just happens to be the cool new thing so you have more opportunities to be unique. Vine also happened to have just been released for Android today.

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