How a Great Website Can Improve Customer Service

July 14, 2021
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Websites serve many functions. Essentially, the role of a website is to provide information. How much and the kinds of information your website can provide is entirely up to you. Nearly anything is possible, and the functionality of your site can have a dramatic impact on customer service.

Ever tracked a package with UPS? The process you followed was simple: Copy the tracking number into a space on, click “Track”, and you’re done. But what if UPS did not offer online tracking? You’d have to pick up the phone, call their 800-number, choose 1 for English, choose 1 again for Tracking, enter the long tracking number, listen to it read it back to you, press 1 to confirm, and then listen to the recorded voice slowly provide your details. This process will take 5-7 minutes, vs. 10 seconds online.

Ask yourself, are you forcing customers to spend time doing things they could do on your website in an instant? Consider what you could do to improve their experience. What functions do they perform the most? Calling for an account balance? Checking to see if an item is in stock? Whatever it is, chances are you will save money and improve their satisfaction by allowing them to perform these functions on your website, and our team here at Company 50 can make it happen for you.

Say you own a small ecommerce store that sells nationwide. Do your customers know if a product is in stock from your website? We can integrate your inventory tracking with your website so visitors always know when an item is available, even the number of units. But let’s not stop there, we can tell the customer exactly when they will receive the item, based on where it ships from and the transit time to their location – just like Amazon does.

Here’s another opportunity to set yourself apart. Are you a doctor or dentist? How do patients typically make an appointment with you? If you are like 99% of medical professionals, you answered “by phone”. But they could schedule/change/cancel appointments on your website, if you just would let them! We can integrate your appointment software with your website, allowing patients to do everything they could by phone right on the Internet! You will reap not one but numerous advantages:

  1.  Require an e-mail address when patients make an appointment online, and you’ll automatically build a mailing list, a very valuable communication tool.
  2. Because you have their e-mail address, instead of calling, you can email them their appointment reminder! No more having to make those calls every day or pay a service to do it for you.
  3. Patients are more likely to book appointments and do so more often due to the convenience of being able to book an appointment on their PC, tablet, or smartphone.
  4. We can even allow new patients to fill out your patient information sheet and provide insurance info securely and easily on your website – saving everyone the time and inconvenience of writing it out by hand at the time of appointment!

So let us here at Company 50 work our magic with your website. Get in touch today!