10 Things a Great Website Designer Does

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Website Design RI

Like general contractors and other professions that do not require professional certification, the world of website design has its share of bad actors and well-intentioned but inexperienced “professionals”. But how do you tell a real-deal website designer from a pretender, and what is the impact on your business? Here are 10 things to look for before you hire a website … Read More

How Small Details Can Make a Big Difference on Your Website

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Website Small Changes Big Difference

In Malcolm Gladwell’s renowned national best-seller, The Tipping Point, he describes countless examples in which small, seemingly insignificant occurrences in the world caused dramatic change. In the most famous example, he describes how New York City reduced its crime rate suddenly and significantly beginning in the early 90s. How did this happen? By focusing entirely on small, seemingly insignificant things. … Read More

How a Great Website Can Improve Customer Service

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Great Website Improves Customer Service

Websites serve many functions. Essentially, the role of a website is to provide information. How much and the kinds of information your website can provide is entirely up to you. Nearly anything is possible, and the functionality of your site can have a dramatic impact on customer service. Ever tracked a package with UPS? The process you followed was simple: … Read More

The Difference Between Good Website Design and Bad is Not What You Think

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Good Website Design Rhode Island

It’s not 1998 anymore. Even in our little state of Rhode Island, today’s businesses need a website that does more than just look nice. It must to be usable, functional, and appealing. It should have a clear goal in mind, meet the audience’s expectations, and providing the proper information – to potential customers and to the search engines. But many designers … Read More

The 2 Most Common Website Design Gimmicks

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Common Website Design Gimmicks

Make no mistake, website design is a very competitive industry. Designers have come up with some creative and sometimes crazy ways to sell small business owners on their services. I don’t say this lightly: Most of these gimmicks are…well, gimmicks. I want to slice and dice them so when you are ready to have your website designed, you can separate … Read More

Is Your Website Designer Out of Touch?

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Website Builder Latest Trends

Website designers, like general contractors, are plentiful. There are thousands of us out there. And like a general contractor, quite a bit of skill separates the skilled craftsman from the pretenders. I’ve written before about hiring a professional rather than your friend/relative or the lowest possible bidder you can find. That’s a road that always ends in disaster. In this … Read More