Add Social Share Buttons to Your Website

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Add Share Buttons to WordPress

I can’t tell you how many times I have read a great article on a website only to find that it provided no simple way to share it with a friend. It is surprising that there are still websites with great content that have have not bothered to add share buttons to their blog posts.

When you add share buttons to your website, your visitors can click their favorite social network – bet it Google+, Facebook, Twitter, or even Reddit – and share your page easily. Sure, they could copy the URL and paste it into their social network manually, but we all know that many won’t bother. Removing the friction of sharing is a very simple process and with so many great tools that accomplish this, there are few excuses.

Since WordPress is overwhelmingly the most popular website platform these days, I will provide quick instructions to add share buttons to any WordPress website. Ready? Step 1 – Download Simple Share Buttons Adder. It was created by David Neal. Not only is he a cool dude, but this plugin is one of the nicest looking, but simplest ones out there. Also, it loads fast and is very easy to setup. Step 2 – Upload it to your Plugins folder (which is in your wp-content folder). Step 3 – Activate it in WordPress. Then go to Settings > Share Buttons. Customize it to your liking and you’re done! It should take about 5 minutes to complete these steps and add share buttons to your site.

Add Share Buttons: Done. Now What?

Now when you write a wicked cool blog post and your visitors like it, you won’t have to wonder what it would be like if they could easily share it with others at the click of a button – because now they can. For a live demo of what you can expect, just look below! We’re proud to use the plugin ourselves. Enjoy.

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